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Presenting opponent: Elements Pro Gaming 20.04.2017 Author // Ace

Оfficial "sharks" website presents Vega Squadron's opponent for their first match on Starladder i-League Invitational EU qualifiers.


Latest news


Elements Gaming consist of players of former Yugoslavia countries. Team tried to get to The Boston Major through american qualifiers, in Kiev - through European one but failed both times. What goes to online tournaments, things are not shining bright for EPG as well. In March team has undergone some changes but Yugoslavian line still remains - kole was replaced by Pingvincek with Swiftending, Mitch, g0g1 and LeBron still playing under EPG tag.

Elements are using the old but gold style called "we let our carry farm and he wins us the game". This playstyle is working out since  their carry, Swiftending, used to have over 8000 MMR. This is why Anji were crushed by his Sven and Terrorblade in EPG's previous match.


Tournament standings


As we've already said, in the first round match EPG won Anji with a 2:1 score. Vega together with Na'Vi, Cloud9 and Empire began from the quarterfinals stage. The format is Single Elimination and there is only one invite to the LAN finals.


Matches between teams


Vega and EPG have been playing on different tier tournaments so they rarely met. But teams under Elements tag have always been tough to beat for "sharks". For example, EPG's roster with Illidan and sQreen didn't let "squadron" take part in MDL Winter 2015, Balkan EPG beat "sharks" on BTS Europe #4 a couple months later.


Heroes and stats


For the last 3 months team has played 29 games and won only 13 of them. The most picked hero is signature Slark for Swiftending (10 maps, 4 wins) and support heroes like Dazzle (9 maps, 5 wins) and Ogre Magi (9 maps, 4 wins). The most comfortable pick for Elements was Centaur Warrunner with 5 maps and 4 wins.