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Presenting opponent: Alternate Attax 21.03.2017 Author // Ace

Today, at 17:00 CET, Vega Squadron begins on D2CL with a bo1 match against Alternate Attax. Official "sharks" website is traditionally here to tell you more about our opponent.


Latest news


Last Monday it's been 2 years as a polish team called Let's Do It was signed by Alternate. At first they looked really strong in tier-2 tournaments and open qualifiers for The International 5. But the sensation didn't happen. Alternate didn't reach next level, got on Defense only because many teams declined the invitations, didn't show anything there and stood as an online-only team. Now there are 3 players in the team that have been there in the original roster: Exotic Deer, Nisha and lisasH. They are accompanied by Double G and kacor that joined last year. With such roster team played on EU qualifiers for The Kiev Major but took last place and lost all 9 of their matches.


Tournament standings


Traditionally, in the first D2CL round teams that were invited directly are playing against qualified squads. Since all these matches are bo1, there is a lot of space for sensations here. For example, so far 3 invited teams have been knocked down already: NLG, Hive and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Besides Vega - Alternate match, all the remaining matches are to be played today as well.


Matches with Vega


Teams haven't met much. There were 2 games, both of them on BTS Series. In the end of 2015 Vega took over Alternate in bo3 series with a 2-1 score, in the beginning of 2016/17 season "sharks" finished off their opponent with a 2-0 score.


Heroes and stats


For the last 3 months Alternate have only played 14 maps that are in Dotabuff and they only scored one victory with the following pick: Ursa, Templar Assassin, Batrider, Lion, Pudge. The most picked heroes for the team are Slardar (6 times), Earth Spirit (5 times) and Invoker (4 times).