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Presenting new Dota 2 roster 06.09.2018 Author // Konservator

First DPC matches will begin soon, so we’re ready to announce our Dota 2 roster, that experienced some changes.

After Slayer and Blizzy left the roster, Vega Squadron parted ways with UnderShock as well. Dimitry has been a part of our team for the second half of the season, but he didn’t make it to the new final roster.

Our full-support position will be taken by Vladimir “yol” Basov, offlane is given to Alexander “Flow” Sazonov and our midlaner will be ex W_Zayac’s teammate - Duulat “StormC4t-” Subankulov.

Georgy Faleev, Vega Squadron Sports Director:

«Today we are finally able to present our Vega Squadron Dota 2 roster for the season. Besides W_Zayac and Palantimos, you’ll see three new players in the team — Yol, Flow and StormC4t-.

We began our testing before The International and you’ve seen some of our test rosters on online-competitions. Vova prove to be an amazing captain that is ready to lead the team - I’m sure many years of his experience will be of help to “sharks”.

On offlane we’ll see Flow. We looked at Sasha since last Fall and wanted to see him in the roster. Unfortunately, his health issues were in the way. To everyone’s luck, it’s all in the past and Alexander is 100% ready to fight!

Mid will be given to StormC4t- — a player from Kyrgyzstan that has already played in many tier-2 CIS teams. We tried MagicaL on mid, but he chose Na’Vi in the last moment, so we had to search again. Duulat surprised everyone with proactive gameplay, eagerness and wide heropool.

We’ve spent quite some time thinking about an NA/EU roster and even held negotiations with some teams. However, we were unable to transfer the whole infrastructure of the Dota roster into another region, just as it is almost impossible to move 5-6 foreigners to Russia. So, we had to forget about the idea.

Today the whole team will arrive to our practice base and will begin a lengthy bootcamp to prepare for the upcoming tournaments and qualifiers.

At the moment we’re looking for a new coach and are trying out several options. If you think you’re the one Vega Squadron needs - message me at faleev@vega-squadron.com».

Vega Squadron Dota 2 roster:

  • Nikita «Palantimos» Grinkevich
  • Duulat «StormC4t-» Subankulov
  • Alexander «Flow» Sazonov
  • Bakyt «W_Zayac» Emilzhanov
  • Vladimir «yol» Basov


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