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PGL Major Qualifiers: Everyone is important 03.07.2017 Author // Ace

On PGL Major qualifiers Vega Squadron prove that teamwork is worth quite something. Official "sharks" website posts stats from HLTV and all Vega Squadron players are there, one way or another.

Mir's gameplay insired the community the most, he literally destroyed Dignitas in the decisive match. Nikolay was doing great through the whole tournament and reached top-5 in terms of damage per round, kills per round, KD and the amount of rounds with 1+ kills.


Kehandr's wallbangs were not only killing people but also brought him a lot of assits. Enough to be in the top-5 of the tournament.


Mir and chopper are famous for their aim. Our main headshooters both showed up in the stats among the other players.


jR is not only famous for his highlights like a quadro-kill in a match with TyLoo, but was quite stable along the way. He became one of the best snipers in Bucharest's qualifiers.


Hutji is known for opening Vega's attacks or facing enemy's agression as defense. He usually pays his head for it, but in 7 out of 10 cases he is the one to make the first kill.