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Palantimos: «Zeal and interest in the game helped me» 06.04.2018 Author // Konservator

«Championship» took an interview from our Dota 2 roster carry - Nikita "Palantimos" Grinkevich. Here we will share the most notable quotes from the article.

Getting acquainted with Dota

«My friends recommended Dota to me back in the days, but I didn't like it. It was before the New Year. I usually played StarCraft, was a huge fan of it. I reached Diamond if I recall right. It was a level of "I can do stuff!" for me. I've been watching streams, games, it was the first first time I was in touch with esports probably. Starcraft brought me new players to cheer for, matches that I watched online, tournaments I tracked and so on.

On New Year's eve I got sick, I couldn't play StarCraft as my condition would really affect my gameplay. I couldn't go celebrate due to high temperature, so I sat at home. I decided to try Dota. I had a friend that has been in the same situation, so we began playing together.

By this time many of my friends played Dota. When I visited them I noticed that people kill creeps first, then they get items and after that they move around the map. I then saw some hero I liked and started picking it - and I became addicted».

Climbing the ladder

«I believe that zeal and interest to the game helped me a lot. I saw that it's hard to play against some player. I've been playing a lot of Invoker back then. I had to stay against Attacker on his Kunkka once and he annihilated me. So, I decided that I should probably play Kunkka as well, but it didn't work at all. However, I still realized that if he can do it, I am capable of doing it as well. I increased my hero pool. Previously I liked Invoker so much I thought he was the only hero that is capable of doing beautiful things. After that I found a carry role for myself.

I tried to follow the meta. I always find a hero I liked. When it was Troll and Jugg meta, I picked Jugg a lot. A lot of matches gave the result - it was easy for me to climb the ladder».

About returning to form after The Bucharest Major

«We haven't been displaying good results before Bucharest. EPICENTER qualifiers were completely lost. We've been defeated many times in practice matches. It just wasn't working. Looked like everyone were doing what they wanted. Of course our results on the Major itself were bad. After the trip everyone came back home and had a week break. We didn't play any official matches, just tried to relax a bit. After that we got together and everything started going smoothly. Everyone found some new heroes during the week of "pubs", so we tested them all. This is where our style came from and we focused on perfecting it».



About the captain and the team

«I like the free style where everyone knows his job. A captain would only have to make global calls and draft for the team. So, he handles general movements around the map and plans ahead for the game. Semion is the right captain. It's been easy to work with him from the very start due to his calmness. And he's getting better and better at this. He trusts his players more and makes general calls himself».

The complete version of the interview is available here in Russian. Follow the results of our teams: