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«Overcoming ourselves». Road to Boston 21.08.2018 Author // Konservator

Confidence comes with experience. After taking part in serious tournaments and maybe even winning some, Vega Squadron came back to TBS studio once more. The one they used to beat NiP in during ELEAGUE. Today it's time to recall what one of the latest history branches looked like for our CS:GO roster.

The New Year began with a number of problems - visa problems were really an issue for quite a while, so many players skipped holidays and a well-deserved rest at home. New Contenders stage that were, basically, offline-qualifiers, began too early for the team to practice enough and then get used to Atlanta's timezone.

January 12th. Due to half a year old results, team skips a Minor and goes straight to the match against Renegades, the first on stream. A Miracle began with a confident 10:5 score in the first half, attack side wasn't that fortunate - Nifty has been constantly leaving "sharks" with no captain. However, Vega still managed to score a victory after a bit of struggle.

«Due to visa problems we only had 6 days of bootcamp, so the practice process was somewhat chaotic. But thanks to that we became more united and all sorts of misunderstandings were left behind. Everyone only had one thing inside their heads - you have to advance from game to game, step by step. We prepared for the matches without any rush ahead».

— Alexander «Lk-» Lemeshev

Such an approach was really obvious for a viewer, and it has been approved by a coach later: 50% of the results against a strong opponent comes from a decent map pick. So, the Inferno was picked - the map that everyone else preferred to dodge.

And this map was full of everything — agressive Molotovs, double HE's and even a famous "mac" rush on foce-buys. Game favorites, FaZe, didn't find their game back then and lost to a decent strategy.



The next match with G2 on Overpass was especially good. The French players were better than their compatriots from Team EnVyUs in terms of aim and map-pool, and they were ready to show it. In a game against Vega Squadron our opponent took 12 rounds in defence, but got a little too emotional by the second half NBK lost the same number of points, but only gave away one in overtime.

A game against Liquid with a score of 2:1 was a curious challenge — zews was already comfortable as a coach, and matches on the main event didn't look as good as they could be with steel. A great start was defined by a successful attack on Mirage, and it could be even better without some mistakes on the first half. When they were fixed, Liquid had to accept their defeat. A 3:1 victory in the qualifiers looked too good to be true.

One week later we had to face North — ex-"legends" didn't look that scary, but everyone expected them to win because of valde. The young Danish player prove everyone's expectations: when the Overpass ended, he was the only one in his team with positive KDA. So, Vega Squadron got rid of almost every mistake that followed them in a game with the French opponents.

The next two games were much more troublesome. Teams adapted to play against the opponents with unknown tactics. FaZe Clan didn't leave us any chances on Train and then mousesports questioned Vega's confidence on Mirage - "sharks" only won 6 rounds in both games combined.

Guys tried to forget these defeats and then beat Liquid once more. They were ready for Cloud9 with the same stats, but it looked the same as with mouz - the attack was completely lost and when "sharks" were finally ready to show their teeth, it was too late. Noone knew Vega lost this match to the future champions of the tournament, but no defeat should be justified.

Team promised themselves to move on and did it. Every Major reflected our progress and, as the story went, our matches were more frequent. So, this concludes our series of articles about the most important events in our CS:GO roster's life, and we will soon be ready to tell you what is waiting for us up ahead.