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Optimas: «Playing is more comfortable now» 21.07.2018 Author // Konservator

We had a talk with Optimas right before LCL Summer 2018. The ADC of our team shared his ideas of the latest tournaments, the atmosphere inside the team and the working process inside of it.

— How did this split end for you? What did you feel when Vega didn't achieve the "top-4 or GG" aim?

— It hurt. It sucks missing play-offs for the second split in a row, especially when we had all the chacnes. I needed a week to recover, then I decided that next season we have to reach top-4, so I began to tryhard.

— How many setups did the team have in try-outs?

— There were numerous different options. We've tried around 10-12 junglers, for example, I'm not sure.

— Was Lukas your personal recommendation or there were players that knew him already?

— First we tried completely different players, but our coach asked too many questions about Warden and later we decided to call him for try-outs. We had a couple matches, Lukas was good enough to decline this options immediately. Three weeks later his position in the team was set in stone already.

— So, you're communicating in English. Is it more comfortable for you to play like this, or the language barrier hasn't ever been an issue?

— I think playing is more comfortable now: I can make my calls quick and precise now. Generally, we don't have any trouble with English - Phlaty is a RUPF studend, so his English is fluent, both skash and NoNholy played many splits with foreigners. Invi didn't have much practice lately, but now his English is as good as mine.

— You went from the qualifier second stage up till LCL Open Cup semifinals. Did you have any problems in terms of morale before reaching play-offs?

— I don't think so, we played in normal mode.

— Did you believe in top-3 with a renewed team?

— I believed in victory, but unfortunately, it didn't happen. It's another reason for us to work harder and aim for the Worlds.

— You experimented a lot with champions during the qualifiers, especially after the botlane patch from Riot. Whos idea was that, or it was a planned strategy you practiced before the qualifiers?

— We never play champions that we didn't practice during scrims. Our coach just won't let us pick those, even if we want to. What goes to the idea - everyone had a little bit of impact on it.

— How long has your bootcamp been before going to Riot Games studio?

— It only lasted a week. I knew everyone except Phlaty, so there wasn't anything new out there.

— We've seen same teams on LCL, but the players are different now. Can you give us your own power-rank?

ROX (if they find their gameplay during the first weeks, they can climb higher)

— Call the most underrated ADC in the Spring split? And another one that should be watched closely this summer.

— Blasting is the most underrated for sure. He walked the long road with Gambit and played around 12 matches of the regular season, but now noone even knows his name.

You should definetely keep an eye on Lodik he has huge potential and a great platform to improve. Stas is already close to being the top-1 ADC in CIS, so let's see how it goes.

The groupstage of LCL Summer Split 2018 is scheduled for July 21st - August 19th. Four play-off participants will be defined during this time, later we'll know the new CIS champion that will present our region in League of Legends Worlds Championship wild-card stage.

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