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Official statement by Vega Squadron about No[o]ne taking part in Virtus Pro – Ad Finem match 31.05.2016 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron CEO Alexey "Vega" Kondakov and midlaner of our team Vladimir "No[o]ne" Minenko commented the case that took place in the final match of The Summit 5 EU qualifiers between Virtus.Pro and Ad Finem. On the 4th map No[o]ne replaced VP's carry Alohadance. According to the rules, team cannot use a stand-in that used to take part in the tournament as a member of another team.


Alexey «Vega» Kodakov comment:

- No[o]ne initially agreed to help a team from his own region without knowing that he couldn't be a stand-in on this tournament as he already took part in it. Of course, he made a mistake and realizes it. Organization applied necessary disciplinary sanctions.


No[o]ne comment:

- I regret my decision and apologize to The Summit, Ad FInem team, my organization and Dota 2 community.