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NiP again: vomplryr Bucharest Minor guide 03.12.2018 Author // Ace

EU qualifier format, our opponents, schedule and streams with Vega Squadron.

The Bucharest Minor EU qualifier matches are scheduled for December 3-4 with 6 teams being divided in 2 groups playing bo2 matches using the round robin system. 2 teams from each trio will advance to play-offs where they'll fight for two invites to Bucharest using bo3 matches in Double Elimination brackets

On December 3rd Vega will be fighting Ninjas in Pyjamas at 12:00 CET in groupstage, and a bit later, at 17:00 CET, we'll face Hippomaniacs that went through open qualifiers. The play-offs start at Monday night..


Briefly about Vega Squadron opponents for the qualifiers:


Group A

Ninjas in Pyjamas (Ace, Fata, 33, Saksa, PPD)

After reaching top-4 of the Major NiP went to play MegaFon Winter Clash qualifiers and it seemed like they didn't have quite enough time to figure out the new patch. When it came to the closed qualifiers, the progress wasn't visible: PPD team lost to TFT and Vega and finished last in their group. Will the three greedy cores get used to the tempo meta? We'll see very soon.

Hippomaniacs (Supream, Curry, SabeRLighT, Muf, sehny)

Veterans remember that on The International 2011 there was a mix called Storm Games Clan lead by a Czech player CraNich. Looks like he'll have to pass the leadership to the new wave of Czech players. Hippomaniacs went through the closed qualifiers by beating TFT, took a map from Secret and ended up in the same spot on Minor qualifiers. The main "moving force" of "Hippos" is the 1st position player Supream^ that many people expect to see in tier-1 Dota.


Группа B

OG (Pajkatt, Topson, 7ckngmad, JerAx, N0tail)

After losing a player that used to be called The International 8 MVP, OG faced dark times. Even though Pajkatt spent a season in OpTic, he's mostly known for being a helping core, not the carrying one. So far OG aren't looking that good - they lost to Alliance twice with a total score of 1:4 and didn't even make it out of Major qualifiers.

The Final Tribe (Frost, Chessie, Jonassomfan, Handsken, Era)

After losing to Hippomaniacs in the first Chongqing Major open qualifiers it seemed like TFT are about to face bigger difficulties. However, the Swedish team made it to the closed qualifiers and made it out of groups after beating Vega. They didn't reach the mainstage, however - Secret and Alliance didn't leave guys a single map. And still they're considered one of the favorites in a fight for Bucharest Major invite.

Helsinki Reds (Rab8, Syuuu, LastHero, Womber, Vipu)

This is the only team of out 6 that didn't take part in the Major closed qualifiers. This team is an esports project from HIFK Hokkey Club from the capital of Finland. It features three Finnish players and two legionaries from Estonia and Belarus. Oleg "LastHero" Demidovich is the most famous "reds" player. CIS Dota fans might know him for his performance in Brestomans.