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New Vega Squadron League of Legends roster 01.02.2018 Author // Konservator

Summer Split of LCL 2017 lead to many changes that decided the fate of our League of Legends roster. Thanks to the new approach to the discipline and it's perspectives, Vega Squadron management arrange a new team that will represent our organization in the upcoming season.

Alexey Kondakov, CEO Vega Squadron:

— When we parted our ways last year we kept following the esports ecosystem of League of Legends in CIS. Fortunately, we didn't lose interest in the scene - Russian branch of Riot Games did listen to many of my ideas and worked on comfortable conditions for players and teams to improve here. I am happy with our new roster and sure that Invi as a coach will remind our fans what real Vega Squadron is like.

Anna «Revita» Ruslanova, team manager:

— We did a lot of laborious work while forming the team. After Invi has been invited we started testing players for each and every position. Speaking of it now, the training process, communication inside the team and the courage are all positive. So we can make optimistic prognosis based on this information.

Vega Squadron League of Legends roster: 

  • Alexander «NoNholy» Ovchinnikov
  • Nikita «Punisher» Lavrinov
  • Ivan «Paranoia» Tipuhov
  • Rolandas «Optimas» Vincalovičius
  • Artour «skash» Ermolaev
  • Dimitry «Invi» Protasov (coach)
  • Anna «Revita» Ruslanova (manager)


By the end of next week our team will play it's first matches in LCL Spring Split! Share your impressions with us in social media using hashtag #OnlyVega: