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New manager of the CS:GO roster! 10.10.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

Dear friends, our CS:GO roster is slowly but steadily improving, the team is showing great results on ESL Major League and is soon going to fight in Pro Series of SLTV in order to get to the Star Series. Of course the team needs a manager. Team coach Victor "Vidoq" Manaekov used to do the manager's work but it was quite hard, so we found another person for that!

So, the new manager of our CS:GO roster is Nikolay "Deca" Vesnin!

Nikolay used to be a professional gamer, he used to play for team called Enso showing great results, then he became a manager of Piter-Online but had to leave this organization and now he's with us! We're glad to see him in our team and hope he'll help our CS:GO roster to achieve better results!

Here's Nikolay's comment on that:
"I'm very glad to work with this organization and with this CS:GO roster. I know everyone for quite a while already, used to play with them in some tournaments :)"

That's it for today, cheer for us, our fants are the best!