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New heroes bring Vega victory in DotaPit 23.01.2016 Author // Ace

In the first match after StarLadder i-League LAN finals Vega Squadron faced Mamas Boys. This time Solo was picking.


First map picks:
Drow Ranger (9Pasha), Death Prophet (No[o]ne), Faceless Void (Mag), (Solo), (CeMa)
MB: Sven (Pajkatt), Invoker (Hook), Sand King (SexyBamboe), Tusk (Yapzor), Disruptor (Saksa)


On the first map Alexey went for pushing strategy empowered with Vengeful Spirit - Drow Ranger long forgotten duo. The Death Prophet made the composition complete and incredibly strong.


Sven had a hard time against these heroes. Vega started putting pressure on minute 15, so Mamas' core had no items and was kited all the time. "Sharks" increased their advantage, made almost no mistakes and finished the game with ease.



Second map picks:
Juggernaut (9Pasha), Zeus (No[o]ne), Nature’s Prophet (Mag), Abaddon (Solo), Crystal Maiden (CeMa)
MB: Spectre (Pajkatt), Queen of Pain (Hook), Beastmaster (SexyBamboe), Vengesul Spirit (Yapzor), Ancient Apparition (Saksa)


We've seen this kind of Vega on 6.86, but this time the usual strategy included such new heroes as Abaddon and Crystal Maiden.


This time "Sharks" started their domination right as the game started. Queen of Pain failed the beginning of the game, dying 4 times in 8 minutes. So Vega snowballed their way to the victory with minimal effort. 2:0 - a confident victory by "Sharks"