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New Era. New Na'Vi roster is the first opponent for Vega Squadron 29.10.2018 Author // vilden

The first Minor of the new season will begin with a match against Natus Vincere for Vega Squadron. Additional interest to this match is attracted by Dendi in the "sharks" roster while Na'Vi has got an ex-Vega player – Blizzy.

«Born To Win» are one of the favorites of Group A, the one our roster appeared in. Natus Vincere earned their invite to Sweden after taking part in CIS qualifiers, where they beat Team Empire and then Espada, twice.

Игровая форма

The last tournament for Na'Vi was Maincast Autumn Brawl where the team took 3-4th place. Natus Vincere beat Team Secret in play-offs (that just won ESL One Hamburg 2018), but lost to NoPangolier in the semifinals.

In the first tournament by Maincast Na'Vi also faced Team Lithium. The teams looked even, but "black-n-yellow" ended up victorious - the future Vega Squadron roster only won one map out of three.

Что с драфтом?

For the last 3 months Na'Vi picked Tiny most of the time, together with Treant Protector and Zeus. Top-5 picked heroes also features Clinkz that is also notable for it's 100% winrate (out of 7 maps).

Speaking of bans, there's nothing usual favorites are banning according to meta.

Пятерка наиболее популярных героев:

  • Tiny (11 picks) - 81.82% winrate
  • Treant Protector (10 picks) - 70% winrate
  • Zeus (9 picks) - 66.67% winrate
  • Templar Assassin / Nature's Prophet (8 picks) - 62.50% / 50% winrate
  • Clinkz  / Necrophos (7 picks) - 100% / 42.86% winrate


Пятерка наиболее запрещаемых героев:

  • Phantom Lancer (16 bans)
  • Weaaver / Winter Wyvern / Enchantress (13 bans)
  • Wraith King (12 bans)
  • Treant Protector (11 bans)
  • Broodmother (10 bans)


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