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Nanyang European Qualifiers: Alliance, MB, 5Jungz Move Up 28.09.2015 Author // theDabca

Three matches were played yesterday in the Nanyang Dota 2 Championships European Qualifiers, all of them clean sweeps: time to take out the broom. EUMonkey Business 2-0 EUMonkey Freedom Fighters, EU5Jungz 2-0 SENinjas in Pyjamas, and SEAlliance 1-0 UANa’Vi.

EU5Jungz and EUMB find themselves in the Winners’ Bracket Final, while EUMFF and SENIP dropped into the Losers’ Bracket Semi-Final. They will be facing RUVega Squadron and SEAlliance in a Best-of-One series today starting at 17:00 CEST followed quickly by the Winners’ Bracket Final.

In the El Classico match, SEAlliance came out on top on the back of exceptional buffs to both Admiralbulldog’s Nature’s Prophet and s4’s Batrider. Funn1k was unable to play his favorite hero and instead struggled on the offlane Legion Commander after getting ganked frequently, not finding a duel victory until the after the 30min mark. XBOCT and Dendi played heroes not seen much in the past few patches, namely Chaos Knight and Invoker, Loda played the new Phantom Assassin, and Sonneiko played the 7.96 armor level 1 Ogre Magi. NP was on top of the net worth chart from beginning to end and that, coupled with great play from one of s4’s best heroes, secured the win for the old TI3 powerhouse.

The second match of the day was between two Monkey teams and EUMFF featured Neqroman mid after Ar1se left the team. 7ckngmad has transitioned to a core role and SingSing has moved into the offlane, although they are still waiting for the win mechanism to kick in. EUMB continues to ride their dominating streak, featuring BigDaddyN0tail mid on Venomancer in Game 1 and Fly on Undying. Neqroman took Tinker mid in Game 2 against a Miracle- Huskar and Moonmeander found himself on Legion Commander. Overall, continued strong play from EUMB taking the series 2-0 and look for EUMFF to increase their level of play in the coming weeks.

In the last match of the day EU5Jungz swept the series 2-0. The Kky stack continues to improve game after game, while SENIP are struggling to find the success they had last season. Limmp tried out Puck mid against FATA’s QOP in Game 1 and then took Windranger mid against FATA’s legendary Razor in Game 2. Mind_control took advantage of Night Stalker’s recent buff to HP regen and was a terror in Game 1, while Handsken and Era failed to capitalize on the Tiny Io combo in Game 2.

Tune in to the Beyond the Summit stream to watch the best teams in Europe battle for the chance to compete in Singapore this coming October 26 through November 1.

Most of all, Cheer on RUVega Squadron today at 17:00 CEST! Watch in-game or on Twitch and we will keep you updated on all of the scores and recaps!