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Nanyang European Qualifiers: 5Jungz 3:2 Vega Squadron 01.10.2015 Author // theDabca

What a great series against EU5Jungz! Unfortunately RUVega Squadron’s run to the Nanyang Dota 2 Championships ended today after an incredible journey through the Losers’ Bracket. Good luck to EU5Jungz in Singapore!

After dropping the first game, RUVega Squadron came back to take the next two games on the back of Mag’s now-legendary Broodmother. We also saw an aggressive tri-lane in both of Vega’s wins, 9Pasha playing Slardar and Centaur.

The fourth game saw Mind_control play an outstanding Legion Commander opposite Mag’s Doom, who just couldn’t do enough. A Naga Siren pick for Solo didn’t gel with the team well and FATA- dominated on Razor in the last two games.

9Pasha couldn’t seem to get enough farm on Gyrocopter and a smoke under a EU5Jungz deep-ward sealed the deal for RUVega Squadron. In the words of GoDz, “It was the easiest five man wipe of 5Jungz life.” Don't undervalue the work Matumbaman did on Ember Spirit and Slardar, nor Cema on Dazzle and Witch Doctor.

Endurance seemed to be a factor in the long Best-of-Five series, RUVega Squadron tilting after the third game and the experience of Kuroky and FATA- showing through. Overall a great series, with some seriously exceptional Dota coming from both teams.

Make sure to watch the Nanyang Dota 2 Championships at the end of the month on Beyond the Summit, and follow RUVega Squadron as we battle against the current Aegis holders USEvil Geniuses this weekend at ESL One New York!