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Nanyang Championship qualifiers! 15.09.2015 Author // theDabca

The European Qualifiers for the Nanyang Dota 2 Championships in Singapore begin on September 24, next Thursday. The eight teams invited to the qualifiers include: RUTeam Empire, EU5Jungz, RUVega Squadron, SENinjas in Pyjamas, UA​Na’Vi, EUMonkey Business, EUMonkey Freedom Fighters, and SEAlliance. We look forward to a great series against SENinjas in Pyjamas starting at 20:00 CEST!

This tournament is the first organized by KeyTV and will be the largest tournament in the history of South East Asian Dota. Ten of the world’s best teams will compete live in Singapore from October 26 to November 1. The prize pool starts at $200,000 with ticket sales contributing to the payout. 48% of the prize pool goes to first place, guaranteed $100,000. Directly invited teams include: EUTeam Secret, RUVirtus.pro, GBFnatic, CNLGD, CNCDEC, and CNVici Gaming. There will be one team from each regional qualifier, the American Qualifier spot already claimed by USCloud9.

The Chinese Qualifiers have an interesting format, with two levels of invites, the level two invites fighting in the first round and the level one invites starting out in the second round. This format is not found in the other qualifiers, as European, American, and SEA invited eight teams to compete in a Double-Elimination Best-of-Three bracket. Losers’ bracket is Best-of-One in the first and second round and the Grand Finals are a Best-of-Five.

European Qualifiers look to be the most competitive out of the four regionals, with veterans and rookies playing on each team. EU5Jungz are the favorites coming into the event, but don’t count out RUVega Squadron or UANa’Vi. SEAlliance looked shaky in the Alienware Summer’s End Cup and we have yet to see the debut of BigDaddyNoTail’s new stack EUMonkey Business. EUMonkey Freedom Fighters also look promising with SingSing and 7ckngMad and SENinjas in Pyjamas have been strong since before the TI5 Qualifiers.

The most interesting qualifiers to watch will be the South East Asian, with so many new and unproven teams and players. The Chinese Qualifiers will also be fun to watch due to the many changes in the Chinese Dota 2 scene after TI5.

With the American Qualifiers already wrapped up, it can only be said that this region is putting out some serious all-star teams. USDigital Chaos and USCloud9 had a fantastic series, with USC9 showing that they can compete at the same level as USEvil Geniuses, CNCDEC, and RUVirtus.pro.

We at RUVega Squadron look forward to showing the world how well we can play at these Nanyang Dota 2 Championship European Qualifiers, make sure to tune in to the stream on September 24, next Thursday!