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MLG World Finals: The Group Stages Are Over! 18.10.2015 Author // theDabca

The group stages for the MLG World Finals are over, and your playoff bracket is filled. EUMonkey Business will be playing EUTeam Secret tomorrow while CNCDEC take on the current Aegis holders, USEvil Geniuses. Look for more intense action and innovative play!

The only teams to move into the playoff undefeated are EUMonkey Business and CNCDEC after an impressive run through the short group stage. RUVirtus.pro fell to the newly rejuvenated USEvil Geniuses in the Losers’ Group A Final, while KRMVP Phoenix dropped to EUTeam Secret.

USCloud9 and CNLGD were the underperformers for the event, USCloud9 the underdog and CNLGD the second invite from China for this event. Only EUMonkey Business and USCloud9 had to qualify for the event, all of the others were provided a direct invite. CNLGD were awarded the bronze medal at TI5, while RUVirtus.Pro was the last European or CIS team to drop out. CNCDEC still shows to be dominant in the months after TI5, and for Fear the switch to support took some time to work through. Puppey led EUTeam Secret with some stellar drafts, and teams still seem to underestimate BigDaddyN0tail’s Tiny.

At the end of the day, four teams have lost and four teams have moved on. Who will win, who will claim the trophy at the end of the day? You are going to have to watch to find out!

Remember to keep an eye out for all of RUVega Squadron’s matches in the coming months beginning with the Summit 4 Qualifiers and league play for The Defense 5 and DreamLeague 4. Also mark your calendars for this year’s Dota 2 Fall Major in Frankfurt this November 16-21!! 16 teams will compete for their share of $3,000,000 and we are bound to see some of the best dota ever played.