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MLG World Finals European Qualifier Taken By Monkey Business! 21.09.2015 Author // theDabca

The European Qualifiers for MLG World Finals in New Orleans is over and EUMonkey Business had come out on top! After a tense Best-of-Five Grand Final RUCIS Rejects drop the series 3-1, and the Monkeys show they mean Business!

In the Semi-Finals, SENinjas in Pyjamas dropped 2-0 to EUMonkey Business and RUEmpire dropped 2-1 to RUCIS Rejects. UANa’Vi ended up losing the third game of the series against RUCISR after the series was postponed due to connection problems from both Artes and Gorec. UANa’Vi has been struggling to come together as a team with the new captain PSM, and rumors are already afloat on a possible reshuffle after the coming Fall Dota 2 Major. RUVega Squadron also fell in the Quarter-Finals, deafeated by EUMonkey Business 2-0; EUMB showing they are a top contender for the coming months and RUVega showing a lack of consistency, something we are not known for and look to improve on.

To recap the Grand Finals of the European Qualifiers, EUMB won the first two games, lost the third, and won the fourth. The first game was an extremely close match, won by N0tail ratting the enemy Ancient and the rest of the team cancelling TPs (some TI3 stuff here). Miracle’s Anti-Mage and Crit’s Lina did so much work to position the team for victory in the last 20 minutes.

The second game was what can now be considered as the norm for EUMB. They slowly lose map control and towers with a greedy four-core lineup, but as soon as they acquire their key items they run like mad at the enemy team until the game over, expending buybacks like they are nothing. All of a sudden, the Ancient is broken and the game is won. Against EUMonkey Business, a Tiny or Io ban is a requirement in the first round or else you will feel their wrath.

The third game of the series was a flop for EUMonkey Business, right from the draft.  Keeper of the Light was picked up again, but this time the Slark and Storm Spirit combo did not work out for them. Moonmeander fed quite a few kills, diving T2s before the 10 minute mark and making the game seem like a Pub. After one last disastrous fight the GG was called and everyone moved onto game four. All of this talk of EUMB throwing doesn’t do RUCISR justice, the team played quite well and their drafting around Artes’ Wraith King was quite fun to watch along with Iceberg playing mid and the great ex-Empire support duo Alwayswannafly and Vanskor.

The fourth game of the series was a stomp by EUMonkey Business, a great draft flowing nicely into great execution. Durka’s statement, “It’s gonna be rough,” was very appropriate following the Phantom Lancer pick from EUMB. They found a cure for the Wraith King epidemic and without Tiny or Io, although Crit and Moonmeander found themselves on Lina and Spirit Breaker yet again. Miracle played his feared Shadow Fiend opposite Iceberg’s Windranger and Alwayswannafly’s Earthshaker. The GG from RUCISR was called at 20:23 after EUMB wiped them in base with only one fatality.

On the other side of the world the Americas Qualifiers for MLG are in full swing. USCloud9 defeated USROOT 2-1 and the next matches will be on September 22. The first match of the day will be USFire facing USHigh Council in the Quarter-Finals, the second match will be UScompLexity facing USCloud9 in the Semi-Finals. Make sure to watch the coming matches and find out who will face EUMonkey Business and the other invitees in New Orleans October 16-18!

Overall these qualifiers proved to be a great testing ground for every team involved and perhaps there was even a new meta created. RUVega Squadron looks forward to the next competition where we can show the world that our name belongs among the best in Dota 2. Check out our matches in the coming weeks: Qualifers for the Nanyang Dota 2 Championships, World Cyber Arena 2015, The Summit 4, and watch as we compete with the best in world at Madison Square Garden in NYC for  ESL One New York 2015!