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Maxiz0r helped Russian National team finish second on Auzom Nations Cup 08.07.2018 Author // Ace

Maxiz0r was in the Russian National Team that was initially created by Alexey "0nuqtive" Trufanov from AVANGAR. Besides Maxim, it featured such players as Vadim "POKAMOLODOY" Ulshin, Dimitry "Shade1" Roschin (both players are from Na'Vi) and Taras "Snoopykx" Kalinin (Empire). This roster barely managed to qualify for the main stage with a stand-in in face of Alexander "Batulin" Batulin replacing Vega Squadron captain.

In the first gaming day Team Russia with Shade1, Snoopykx, Batulin and POKAMOLODOY reached the high places a couple times and were the 5th after five maps.

Next day Maxiz0r replaced Snoopykx. The first game was troublesome, then, however, guys "turned on" for the remaining 4 maps. Maxim was behind his teammates in terms of kills, but they took 1st, 3rd and 5th places in the first three matches. On the last map "sharks" captain scored an impressive number of 5 kills and helped Team Russia take over Team Turkey.

The winner of the tournament was Team Finland and it looked unattainable for the whole tournament. Turks finished third.