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Lk: «Making up for the lack of tournemnts in blood» 24.09.2017 Author // Konservator

Our CS:GO roster manager shared plans of the team for the following month.

In VK post Alexander "Lk-" Lemeshev paid attention to all the trips, qualifiers and tournaments for the team. Save this material to track all the Vega Squadron matches in October!.

— After a poor match month our team is about to make up for the lack of tournaments and LANs in blood.

Last week we left our group from first place on EPICENTER closed qualifiers after winning AVANGAR with 2-1 score. And on Wednesday, September 27th we're taking a flight to China in order to fight on China Top 2017 from September 29th up till October 1st in the town of Kunshan. 4 teams will be fighting for the champions' title and will be battling for their chunk of the prize pool of 650.000¥. Last couple months I said that we had to play against Asian teams, this time we simply have no choice. except for us there will be ViCi Gaming (China), BOOT.dS (Singapour team coached by dsn) and Golden.mix (Taiwan).

On October 2nd, Monday Evening, we're coming back to Moscow. After we quickly manage with jetlag we will have to fight on couple tournaments at the same time. By the time we're back Group A (Na'Vi, forZe, Team Spirit, QBFire) on EPICENTER qualifiers will decide the 2 teams that will advance futher and we'll be having a match against the second place in that quartet. We're also invited to SL i-League Invitational Shanghai 2017 qualifiers, last stage of it, together with FlipSid3, AVANGAR and Team Spirit, there will also be pro100 and Nemiga, they came through open qualifiers. The games will begin on October 4th and the winner goes to LAN finals in Shanghai. Starting on October 9th we're also having WCA EU quali's that we also have been invited to. We're in group D together with AGO, LDLC and Epsilon. We're opening the tournament with the bo3 match against Epsilon at 15:00 CEST. Did you think we're done? Not yet!

On October 13th we're flying to Germany, Dusseldorf, then to a little town of Krefeld. There we'll be playing EMEA finals to ROG Masters 2017 on October 14th and 15th. 8 teams (us, Tricked, mousesports, Gambit, Alternate aTTax, dignitas, HAVU and one more contender) will be fighting for 2 invites to Worlds Finals that will be going in the beginning of December in Malaysia, Kuala-Lumpur

3 weeks, 2 LAN's, 3 qualifiers and a lot of teams from all over the globe/

I'll do my best to post photos and other interesting stuff from the event here, on in Twitter.

All the "interesting stuff" may also be found here, on official website, or in the social media: