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LiveZerg drops to WCS Challenger! 11.02.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

Yesterday, group D of EU WCS Premier league round of 32 was scheduled with our player LiveZerg . Group D was the only group in EU Premier league with no single korean player in it, which made it look like it was an easy group, but in fact it wasn't.

GermanyTLO. NetherlandsuThermal. FinlandWelmu and VegaLiveZerg . Obviously VegaLiveZerg came into the fight as underdog, while FinlandWelmu and GermanyTLO were clear commuity favourites to pass to group and advance to the round of 16. In the end, this turned out to be right, as they did advance, leaving NetherlandsuThermal and VegaLiveZerg behind on 3rd and last, 4th place. 

Here are the full results of yesterday's group:


Sadly for us, VegaLiveZerg didn't manage to overtake two of the best players of their race in Europe. He will need to fight for WCS Premier spot next season, since he dropped to Challenger, now finishing in top 32 players in Season 3 of WCS EU. Let us remind you, only top 16 players are securing their Premier league spot for next season, rest do need to qualify again.

For the end, we must congratulate to VegaLiveZerg for finishing top 32 in WCS EU for 3rd season in a row, while he was top 16 last season. Sadly that he couldn't repeat it now again, but its amazing run for him, being top 32 or higher ranked constantly through 3 seasons in 2014, which is not small thing. GG