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LeX – new Vega Squadron shooter 12.11.2016 Author // HighArT

Vega Squadron are now finished with their roster for the upcoming seasons and the LCL Spring Split. 

Alexey "LeX" Kitsak joins the team. Alexey is one the most experienced players in CIS. He already used to play in teams like Team Empire, Hard Rnaom and spent his last LCL split in Gambit Gaming.

Organization is glad to welcome our new player. We are looking forward productive cooperation and great results. The first matches in "sharks" for LeX are scheduled for the end of November on LCL Open Cup.

Alexey «Sharkz» Taranda, team's coach:

- I'm glad to have LeX by our side. He's a strong experienced player that already displayed highest levels of mechanical skills on his role. He also has experienced on the international scene that is many of his vis-a-vis are lacking. I'm sure he will be useful to our team and we'll do our best to help him impvove and show everyone what he's capable of. We're counting on productive cooperation and believe it'll last for long. I think that our work will bring a lot of joy to our fans.


Player's comment:

- From this point I'm becoming a member of a well-known organization and a team, vice-champions of the LCL. Since I am the only newcomer, there will be a lot of work for me to do to fit in and improve the roster. I already am at Vega's base and practice for our LCL Open Cup games. I'm thankful to the organization and my teammates for such an opportunity to fight for the champion's title in CIS. In my turn, I'll do my best to show my ADC skills and help Vega Squadron reach the highest highs.