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LastHero and j4 join Vega Squadron 06.06.2019 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron Dota 2 roster will experience changes Yaroslav "" Gurin and Danis "" Ibragimov leave the roster. Yaroslav and Danis have been protecting Vega Squadron since March 2019 when we announced our cooperation with Marlerino Esports. Vega Squadron are thankful to the guys for their time and wish them best of luck in their future career.

Since now our fifth position will be taken by Alexey "j4" Lipai. Lipai is famous for his performance in such teams as Power Rangers, Planet Dog and HellRaisers. As a team captain of Planet Dog, Alexey led his team to The International 7.

Our third position is given to Oleg "Last Hero" Demidovich. Oleg has been playing in Paragon, The Brestomans and Helsinki Reds and is now in top-70 in EU MMR rankings.

Alexey Kondakov, Vega Squadron CEO:

- First of all, I'd like to thank Gurin and spacy for the time they devoted to Vega Squadron. These guys are truly hard-working and have been replaced only due to their results. I do believe they've got a bright future.

What goes to j4 and LastHero, they're supposed to give us the right mix of experience and "fresh blood" that are vital to our team. J4 made it to The International 7 as a team captain and I think it means a lot. LastHero is probably the most underestimated player on a problematic position in CIS, and now he's ready to display his true form.

These players have already displayed their talents on Qi Invitational Europe where they won without losing a single map, and this is exactly the roster our team will be using to compete in The International 9 qualifiers.

Vega Squadron Dota 2 team:

Arslan «xanni» Shadjanov
Danil «gpk» Skutin
Oleg «LastHero» Demidovich
Vitaliy «so bad» Oshmankevich
Alexei «j4» Lipai