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The last push? MDL Changsha Major preview 13.05.2018 Author // Konservator

The last Major of the season will be more like a prestige tournament rather than a real chance to fight for the TI8 direct invite. Here we'll tell you everything about the tournament that will attract all of your attention for the whole next week.

The organizers of the tournament decided not to divinde 12 participants in 3 GSL groups. Instead, they used 2 round robin system groups. Each team will play a bo2 series against every opponent in it's group and gain points for every map won. The primary motivation will be not to end up 6th. Why? Because the leader in each group will advance to the 2nd play-off round, the next 2 teams in the brackets will go directly to the round 1, teams to finish 4th and 5th will be fighting in the lower brackets, while the team to finish last leaves the tournament.

The lower bracket matches are bo1, every other match will be bo3 with bo5 grand finals. All the tournament stages are scheduled for May 14-20 - a week, if we don't consider the "pause" window that hasn't been announced yet

These LAN finals have been subjects of speculation lately supported by everyone except for Chinese players. Five or seven asian teams out of 12 will really increase the power of the region considering their latest results while everyone else will have to deal with one representative team. Valve, however, haven't made any rules about invites to the Major system, so our best bet would be leaving the Reddit disputes behind and work with what we've got.

A great chance for PSG.LGD to get some DPC points

A list of participants looks excitingly interesting — most of them have experience of playing on Minor or Major-level tournament finals, some of them even had a sweet taste of victory. Assuming the previous results, we should definetely keep an eye on Newbee, Team Secret, PSG.LGD, VGJ.Storm and OG. 

The first team in the list did manage to recover in China after being defeated abroad. Everyone else just prove to be strong during recent closed qualifiers where the crowd support wasn't a thing. VGJ seem to not need it at all - they've just became the winners of the Minor.

The venue of the tournament in the Changsha City District

Hunan International Exhibition Center will most likely be a place to define one-two more teams to receive direct invites to The International 2018. As always, in top 4 we might see both teams that give good hopes and those who have slowed down significantly since February.

EPICENTER XL was a great example of the presumably weak regions making come back and it's worth seeing once more. Who knows, maybe these underdog teams will be the main contenders for $1,000,000 and 1500 DPC points.

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