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Kips: «We have to be extremely careful if we want to win» 22.11.2017 Author // Konservator

We had a talk with Kips before our match against Kinguin. Murielle told us her opinion about the groupstage and Vega's preparation for tomorrow.

— What are your thoughts about the groups?

— We were in OK shape before the groupstage, but we got unlucky against Vici which was extremely stressful. It took a night of sleep (and a drafter switch) to get everyone's heads back into the game. We knew that we only had to beat SG Esports in order to make it to the main event, so we adjusted our goal to just beating them. It made us play much more relaxed. While I'm not happy with the way things went down, I am glad that we recovered and made it to the main event.

— What about Kinguin?

— The results of the other group are very interesting. I've known that Kinguin are a solid team for a while now, and their turnaround win against Newbee gave them a lot of momentum. They must be in a great mood right now. It makes them a fearsome opponent, and we have to be extremely careful if we want to win against them. I'm confident that we can beat them, though, and the team is excited to play them on stage.

— Something about preparations for tomorrow?

— We're talking about strategy a lot. I'm doing my research and I'm making sure people are mentally prepared. The guys are also playing a lot of pubs. The high MMR matches here are really tryhard, so since we have a great training room everyone's grinding ranked together. It's a good time.

Our match in Jing'an Natatarium sports complex will start on November 23rd at 6:00 CET. Eight remaining teams are fighting for their chunk of $300,000 prize pool, a direct invite to the next Perfect World tournament and 300 competitive points by Valve. Follow Vega Squadron results on our website and in social media: