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Kips: «Swiss bo1 system kind of kills fairness» 27.02.2018 Author // Konservator

Our Dota 2 roster coach tells us about her work with the team and the upcoming Bucharest Major matches.

You've been working with the team for over 2 months now. What are your impressions for the period?

— It was awkward at the start, especially because we had two duos (Zayac+Blizzy, Cema+Undershock) who knew each other from longer ago. So Palantimos needed to get accepted into the group a bit. Luckily for him, I’m an even more “strange” presence. It’s not so hard to come together as 5 players when you’re all wondering about the coach… We’ve got a fun group going now.

These are chill guys, they’re not going to explode into toxic finger-pointing or childish behavior. They’re not good at doing things together quite yet, but they do know that they can’t win this game on their own.

What were the main mistakes on bootcamp made by your team/player/etc?

— Lack of discipline. The guys have a habit of giving themselves too much slack—taking longer breaks than necessary, finding reasons to go out and get McDonalds, that sort of thing. Whenever this happens I step on the brakes and ask them why it is necessary to waste this time. They protest every time, but they know I’m right :)

Часть тренировочного процесса

Slayer said that team doesn't have "an old boy telling everyone rules" but maybe the team could use one?

— “Need” is a big word. Without someone to force things “because this is how we always have done it” we can be more true to ourselves. We can find our own path and use our own creativity to find our ideal play. There’s no lack of knowledge either—I’ve got them covered there.

The biggest reason to have an old boy would be that they have the experience to keep everyone on track ingame. Right now we have a LOT of options when we play and sometimes a decision cannot be made. I think this is a role that several players on our team (including Cema himself) can grow into if they want to. The space is there.

Can you name a player that works harder than anyone else in the team?

— They all work hard in different ways. Palantimos and Blizzy spam pubs. Zayac and Cema watch more games and replays. Dima does a lot to motivate/pressure the others.

What's the most OP hero in the game that deserves an instaban?

— I don’t think any hero is truly OP, but Enchantress can go sproink herself.

Some teams adapt to new patches and take some time to find new stratgies, others wreck the abovementioned teams in the first couple weeks after patch. How do Vega Squadron players adjust to minor/major changes in gameplay?

— We adapt pretty fast because we’re all playing a lot of matchmaking. I think that’s the way to go to stay in touch with the game in general. Spam some pubs, find out what changed, then adapt your scrims & officials. Not making huge changes immediately allows us to stay in the rhythm.

In the meanwhile, I figure out the bigger direction that the patch is taking. Once we properly “get” it, we can start making bigger changes.

Tell us more about your expectations on The Bucharest Major and your personal top-5?

— Might be time for Liquid to win their first Major! After that—maybe Newbee has recovered from Chinese Newyear. Secret is another obvious choice, and VP should place high as well. For the last one… VG could continue their good shape, but I’d like to see Mineski here instead.

Pros and cons of the swiss bo1 system from coaches' point of view?

— I like Swiss! It’s one of the fairest formats around, and even if you get wrecked by an unfair matchup (or by cheese) it’s much easier to come back to an acceptable finish. It also makes sure that teams are ranked more by their own power than by what matchups they got. It’s harder to prepare for specific opponents, but that’s a sacrifice I gladly make for the fair seeding into playoffs.

However the fact that it’s Bo1s kind of kills the fairness again. For a Bo1 I’d want to do super thorough research, make sure I know them so that they can’t cheese me. In a Bo1 there’s no way to “learn while playing” about a team’s style. You’ve got one map. Make it count. If you didn’t know they played Visage as a flex pick, that’s too bad and you move down in the bracket. I think organizers should try their hardest to make every single match Bo3, especially when the matchups aren’t decided beforehand.



You recently watched our League of Legends roster play in Riot Games studio. Did you like it? Would you like to come back?

— The Riot studio is very nicely set up. I like that they have a schedule that spans a couple of weeks. The live audience is also great. It’s the best of both worlds; viewers can get to know the players&teams over a longer period of time, while the broadcasts still have a bit of a LAN feeling to them. I don’t think it would be possible in Dota, except in China or in the Philippines maybe. Teams are from all over the place. Players would have to deal with a lot of culture clashes and homesickness.

As for the game itself, I learned a lot! Everyone hates Bo1’s it seems, hahaha, it’s not just me. League in general is much more about time management, positioning, and team communication. Also it looks like the Junglers have the most fun role—but also the most responsibility. I’d like to visit again… if they can deal with my endless questions. Shout-out to Vega League manager Anya for answering me so patiently last time!

Vega Squadron Dota 2 roster will begin their matches of The Bucharest Major LAN finals on March 4th. Follow the updates of our team in social media: