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The Kiev Major: Vega get a plus 11.03.2017 Author // Ace

In the first 3 matches of the Kiev Major qualifiers Vega faced the leader of the brackets and 2 outsiders.


Vega – Virtus Pro

Vega: Juggernaut (Ditya Ra), Alchemist (G), Nyx (Mag), Lina (SoNNeikO), Shadow Demon (CeMa)
VP: Slark (RAMZES666), Dragon Knight (No[o]ne), Dark Seer (9Pasha), Earth Spirit (Lil), Witch Doctor (Solo)

The beginning of the game brought some hope in Vega's hearts. Even though Virtus.Pro were favorites, "sharks" had a decent laning phase, let their Alchemist farm, took tier-1 tower on one of the lanes and then didn't let 9Pasha get any farm.

However, Virtus.Pro synergy and shape got obvious by midgame. "Squadron" were making smoke-ganks, but made mistakes in micro-moments, didn't take kills and gave away heroes. G got caught a couple times as well. VP got themselves Aegis and finished the game in one single push.


Vega – F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Vega: Wraith King (Ditya Ra), Shadow Fiend (G), Batrider (Mag), Earth Spirit (SoNNeikO), Warlock (CeMa)
FRIENDS: Gyrocopter (Bignum), Terrorblade (Yoky), Clockwerk (Afterlife), Sand King (Alohadance), Dazzle (NoFear)

The game looked the same as the previous ones. "Sharks" won the lanes, take a bad fight around minute 15 and even the graphs. However, this time it was scarier as the opponent had all it takes to take objectives quickly.

Fortunately, "squadron" looked good in defence and even caught FRIENDS when they were trying to take a sneaky-Roshan. Ditya Ra stole Aegis, Vega teamwiped the opponents and finished the game shortly after.


Vega – Double Dimension

Vega: Ursa (Ditya Ra), Invoker (G), Axe (Mag), Io (SoNNeikO), Disruptor (CeMa)
DD: Outworld Devourer (Crystallize), Juggernaut (Undershock), Weaver (Nongrata), Clockwerk (Alwayswannafly), Ogre Magi (Женя)

On this map Vega made several mistakes during laning phase and were behind from the very start. Opponent core heroes were ahead in farm and kills, but Vega's heroes were quick to catch up. Still, teamfights in midgame were not working for "sharks" once again. Vega were thrown behind and even lost a set of barracks, but kept on defending and even had an opportunity to take enemy lane as well.

And it all came down to exciting ending. Everything depended on base race, Roshans and buybacks. Vega looked stronger thanks to Relocate that can win games even on the International. "Squadron" split-pushed enemy barracks, made Mega Creeps and then defended their own base as the opponent's one was falling to minions.

After 7 games Vega scores are 4:3 - it's finally positive.