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The Kiev Major: Vega are only saving theoretical chances to get out of groupstage 11.03.2017 Author // Ace

Vega finish The Kiev Major CIS qualifiers with defeats from Na'Vi and Spirit. Now our team only has theoretical chances to get out of groupstage. In order to go further they need FRIENDS to win Na'Vi and Hive to beat Comanche.


Vega – Na’Vi

Vega: Luna (Ditya Ra), Alchemist (G), Abaddon (Mag), Shadow Demon (SoNNeikO), Leshrac (CeMa)
Na’Vi: Lifestealer (Pajkatt), Sniper (Dendi),  Underlord (General), Slardar (rmN), KotL (Biver)

As on many other maps, Vega had decent laning phase, let Alchemist farm, but then Underlord came into play. With his assistance and double damage rune opponent took Roshan, then made a couple good pick-offs and took 2 lanes because of that.

And only after that Vega started playing like they should have. They've been fighting in their favor, Aghanim's were appearing on everyone and it looked alright, but Na'Vi still managed to catch their opponent and seal the deal.


Vega – Spirit

Vega: Wraith King (Ditya Ra), Shadow Fiend (G), Clockwerk (Mag), Vengeful Spirit (SoNNeikO), Dazzle (CeMa)
Spirit: Ursa (633), Mirana (Iceberg), Doom (DKPhobos), Slardar (FNG), Shadow Demon (Vanskor)

The final match of the groupstage began with a disaster - 0:5 in TS favor and 2 deaths on Shadow Fiend. Coming back into the game after such start was a huge problem and the only positive side for "sharks" was opponent's inability to effectively siege objectives. Only after taking Roshan Team Spirit managed to take down some towers.

While defending Vega were not feeling alright, were not always farming with 5 heroes and reasonably lost the game together with the qualifiers.