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It's HIM again: Vega scores 2:0 on week 6 12.03.2017 Author // Ace

In the 12th tour of LCL Vega Squadron faced Na'Vi that have been displaying upsetting results lately.


Vega: Renekton (NoNholy), Ivern (Zanzarah), Cassiopeia (Drobovik123), Ashe (LeX), Malzahar (EDward)
Na’Vi: Olaf (Zvene), Rengar (Gumbeq), Taliyah (NiQ), Sivir (aMiracle), Lulu (Skash)

Vega makes a bet on Renekton once again and takes signature Ivern for Zanzarah that has been usually banned against "sharks". Na'Vi went for new heroes instead and surprised everyone with Taliyah and Olaf in order to counter the "croco".

The beginning of the game wasn't confident for "squadron" - NiQ and Gumbeq focused "sharks" midlaner and took First Blood. Vega replied with a good rotation on bot and thanks to NoNholy's domination on top they scored 2 kills and the first tower. From this point on "sharks" took the lead and were keeping it for quite a while. Moreover, on minute 24 Baron was duo'd.

Black'n'yellow looked lost, tried to go for a fight, lost it 0 to 3 and the question about the winner wasn't a question anymore. This way Vega replies to a 0:2 week with a 2:0 one.