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Invi comes back to Vega Squadron 29.12.2017 Author // Konservator

The end of each year looks pretty much like midseason. Precise work, hundreds of hours of preparations and operationsl processes make teams and organizations think twice about everything and begin from the blank page. So, Vega Squadron are glad to welcome Dmitry "Invi" Protasov as the new coach for our League of Legends team in 2018.

Invi has been working with our team in LCL 2017 Spring Split and our team didn't lose a single game with his guidance.

Alexey Kondakov, CEO Vega Squadron:

— Invi prove to be a reliable person that works for perspective. Even though he lacked experience last spring, he still made a significant contribution to our team's development and left only positive impression.

It's impossible to imagine the experience he has gotten after working with the Summer Split chamions - Invi didn't just improve his skills but is also ready to transfer them to our team. We're glad to see him back in Vega Squadron and look forward to new tests and victories!

Dmitry «Invi» Protasov, Vega Squadron League of Legends team head coach:

— I am glad to become one of the "sharks" again. One year ago I began my eSports career here - time passed and our paths cross again. I always head great memories about working here so I can't wait to come back to bootcamp and the warm family atmosphere that goes with it.

Last month and a half we've been working on building a team. We've seen many players and tried to collect the most efficient team. Last week we closed the last role and are ready for active traning.

Make sure you don't miss the announce of the new Vega Squadron team on our website or in social media: