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Interview with Alexander "lamp" Noviy! 10.10.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

Q: Hi, Sasha, how are you?
А: Hi! Everything's great!

Q: You have been a player in Vega Squadron for not so much compared to the others. Did you get along with the others quickly?
А: According to CIS CS:GO scene it's a lot already :D Our CS players are pure professionals so it was easy to fit into the team, everyone's been very friendly.

Q: Not so long ago your roster has been comlpeted by Nikolay "Latro" Lee, why did you choose him and will it take much time for you to acquire the synergy?
А: I took the initiative. First of all, he has all the qualities: he knows the game (he developed many tactics for us), he's also very clever, experienced, versatile and stress-resistant player. His shooting skills are high as well. Kolya is most likely the best teammate I've ever played with and I'm glad we can play together again. What goes to the time we need, I'm not really sure. There are no major tournaments in the closest future so we are not in a hurry. We're working on it, but it might take some time.

Q: You recently advanced into Pro Series play-off. Was it hard? Were the rivals strong?
А: There's been many really strong teams (Like Enervate and hooch's mix) but they are out already. All the other teams aren't very scary. All the games went smooth except for the last one versus CAZ. It was unexpected to say the least, they made so many clever moves and started shooting amazingly well. Maybe we made some mistakes or underestimated them, it's hard to say. However, we took the 1st place so it doesn't really matter. In my opinion, the only team to stop us from getting to Star Series is we ourselves. We'll most likely face European Misfits or neXtplease, we won both with a 2:0 score, so it leads to certain conclusions.

Q: I think it won't surprise you if I'll start asking about the bootcamp before the Uprise Champions Cup Season 3 Finals. Can you tell us more about it?
А: There has never been a bootcamp there, actually. Latro had to study for the whole week so we couldn't practice as a team. The computer club wasn't really great either. It was bad, honestly speaking, because those who arrived to Moscow couldn't even practice their personals skills. So, we only played for one single day. It happens, not like we could do anything :D

Q: Did you like the tournament? What would you change, if you could?
А: It was my first tournament of this kind but it's a great experience (friendly atmosphere, beautiful nature and an amazing cottage). There was a single flaw, though, I had to play with 80-100 FPS for the whole tournament (as I found out later it's only been happning on my PC). Not like it's been gamechanging but organizers should be making sure it's not happening.

Q: What have you been doing during the free time?
А: Played PlayStation, went to the pool, walked around, talked to people and... well, there was some booze (we never drink before the games, it's very strict).

Q: What goes to the food, was it fine?
А: Yeah, it was good. 

Q: We all know you took the 4th place, what was the reason?
А: I could write a huge post with a lot of excuses but I'll be short: we played worse. Everyone, everywhere. We can play way better but this tournament went bad. We discussed all the games and now are working on it. 

Q: What are your plans for the future as a team?
А: There are 2 tournaments of high priority for us - Starladder ProSeries and ESL Major. We'll also take part in some smaller cups and online qualifications, of course.

Q: Thank you for the interview. Good luck!
А: Thank you too, bye-bye.

Thanks for reading this interview. Cheer for us!