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The International 2018 qualifiers. Newsreel 18.06.2018 Author // Konservator

The penultimate week of June is the most important this season for Vega Squadron.

Our team will take part in The International 2018 closed qualifiers. No second places or Wildcard tournaments: this time there will only be one winner.

Tournament format

Groupstage, June 18-19th

  • Round robin
  • Best of one matches
  • Teams will play with each and every opponent once
  • 4 out of 8 participants will advance to play-offs


Play-offs, June 20-21st

  • Double Elimination brackets
  • Best of three matches
  • Best of five finals
  • The only winner will be given an invite to The International 2018 main event

Vega Squadron match schedule

Date Time   Opponent Stream Format
June 18th 11:00 CEST [0:1] Team Empire Vega Squadron BO1
June 18th 12:30 CEST [0:1] 20 min afk les BO1
June 18th 14:30 CEST [0:1] Double Dimension BO1
June 18th 17:00 CEST [0:1] FlyToMoon BO1
June 18th 18:30 CEST [0:1] ESPADA BO1
June 19th 11:00 CEST VS Team Spirit BO1
June 19th 16:00 CEST VS Gambit Esports BO1

CIS qualifier results

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