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Incredible match: Vega Squadron - ROX 19.02.2017 Author // sirVatum

First map picks:

Vega: Gangplank (NoNholy), Graves (Zanzarah), Cassiopeia (Drobovik123), Jhin (LeX), Malzahar (Edward)

RoX: Shen (Charger), Ivern (Punisher), Corki (Ekka), Draven (Ritix), Karma (Raxxo)


ROX decided to go with Draven as Shooter and it was a huge surprise. Thanks to strong bottom lane, Iven concentrated on "sharks" toplaner and spilt first blood there.

Vega, in their turn, didn't make use of Graves pick early and began farming safely. "Squadron" patience paid off on minute 14 when Vega took Ocean Drake, then went for a good fight and took 2 tier 1's.

After getting enough farm Vega dragged the opponent around the map and made space for NoNholy. ROX lost the pace of the game, gave away free towers and object, but still didn't let "sharks" take a sneaky Baron. Nashor was given to ROX in exchange for bottom lane inhibitor, then the long pause came into play.

After a break Punisher outsmited Zanzarah in a fight for Elder Dragon, then ROX took another Baron and opened toplane. A couple bad fights slowed down the pace of the game for "sharks" and they had to turtle for a while. It looked like ROX can take another Nashor and finish the game, but it was LeX's W to kill the baron!

From this point on the game was incredibly hard to predict. Even though ROX had super minions, Vega won one fight and finished the game in one push!