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Immortal Lycan by G. Match against SG e-sports recap. 22.11.2017 Author // 1000000

Map one. Winner: Vega Squadron.


Radiant, SG e-sports: Terrorblade (Costabile), Death Prophet (4dr), Abaddon (Liposa), Sand King (Thiolicor), Ancient Apparition (bardino)

Dire, Vega Squadron: Medusa (ALOHADANCE), Lycan (G), Night Stalker (AfterLife), Slardar (Slayer), Rubick (VV_Zayac)


Interesting draft from both teams, brazilians love to go for teamfight compositions and pushing and finish their draft with terrorblade. Vega picks Night Stalker that gives vision advantage and picks the hero that loves the night - Lycan. Great synergy was then accompanied with Medusa that is an exceptional lategame hero that loves dealing with Terrorblade's illusions.

Laning phase was even for both teams, team from Brazil made more successful ganks but it was mostly Rubick to be dying while Vega were focusing on Death Prophet and Terrorblade. On minute 16 Vega took their first Roshan together with 4 opponent heroes and had a huge head start. Aegis goes to Medusa but the first push tries were not working out. By minute 21 one good fight ended up with one tier-3 tower falling together with the shrines. A couple minutes later SG lost 4 more heroes outside their base, used their buybacks and saved the last pair of barracks by taking 2 "sharks" heroes. After taking another Roshan on minute 29 Vega got gankes and lost Aegis while G has been killing the last set of "rax". Then he helped his team kill the opponents, so they called the "GG".

Map two. Winner: Vega Squadron.


Radiant, Vega Squadron: Gyrocopter (ALOHADANCE), Outworld Devourer (G), Doom (AfterLife), Undying (AfterLife), Disruptor (VV_Zayac)

Dire, SG e-sports: Lifestealer (Costabile), Medusa (4dr), Puck (Liposa), Sand King (Thiolicor), Dazzle (bardino)


On this map SG lastpicked Medusa and Vega replied with Outworld Devourer that deals with Mana Shield easily thanks to Arcane Orb and Sanity's Eclipse ultimate. Vega also picked Gyrocopter that works like Medusa and also went for 2 strong teamfight supports. SG focused on early game and lane phase and picked heroes that would do fine against every hero.

As expected, SG won lanes and get early advantage, they score a couple kills and don't lose too many heroes. Despite that fact, Gyrocopter had 2k gold advantage on minute 16 moslty thanks to ancient creep stacks (even enemy ones, they were stolen during earlygame). Vega's decision to go for teamfights turned out being the right one and they started winning clutches thanks to their strong potential in the fight. By minute 25th Vega's advantage has been around 5k gold.

And then the game stopped for both teams. Vega's heroes splitpushed and even died a couple times, SG made a lot of successful ganks and in the end Vega even lost a fight around Roshan. The advantage disappeared but brazilians didn't make anything of their success except for the t3 tower. On minute 46 Vega took the next Roshan after a good fight, then they annihilated toplane, then went agressively for the bottom lane, won a fight there and destroyed another set of barracks. In 4 fights for the last 5 minutes Vega killed 9 heroes and didn't lose a single one. This victory secured our team a slot in PW Masters play-offs!

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