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Hutji: «You want to win every tournament you take part in» 27.09.2017 Author // Konservator

In an interview to "Esports@Mail.Ru" Pavel "hutji" Lashkov spoke about the atmosphere inside the team, noted some interesting facts from his biography and also shared some secrets for those who want to keep up. We picked up the most interesting questions and translated them, the complete version ma be found by the link.

About bootcamp and practice

— Our practice begins on 3 pm and lasts until 11 pm. In addition to that, you should warm up inbefore that. On bootcamp we don't have day-offs and can mind our business only if there are no opponents. And this is when we go for a walk, relax or play - that's up to players. Usually we have 2 day-offs a week. We have also been called to China Top 2017 in the town of Kunshan. We're leaving on October 27th and will be flying to Germany in a week to visit ROG Masters 2017. In the meantime we're having EPICENTER qualifiers.

Problems with the internet

— Until 18 I have been living in Naro-Fominsk, then we sold the apartments and moved to the country house. There was no cable internet there so we connected a satellite. If the weather was bad the ping was jumping up and down. When the storm began it completely disappeared. So I was kicked from the team because I was disconnecting in the middle of official games. I understood that because guys had to grow and it was impossible with me in the team. But I liked playing anyways. My mom was crying back then, saying: "It's all because of me, it's all because we moved". She was worried.

In order to get cable internet we had to pay around 500 thousand rubles (~$9,000). And we made it recently - we were allowed to connect 10 houses with each paying 20 thousand. Now I'm incredibly happy to have good internet. Back when we lived in one-room apartments she slept in the kitchen and heard me play, she was screaming at me to go sleep. She swore I was playing. I didn't do my homework and was only getting C's at school. Every day I was going home to play CS!

About hobbies

— I used to read books earlier, now I haven't got time - I work in the garden! I try to spend free time with my family. There's no time for hobby - I've always got something to do. When I wasn't playing in a team I went to the gym and lost some weight. At least I pumped my hands a little. I gotta do it more, but haven't got time.

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