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Guide to Vega's games on Continental League 10.02.2017 Author // Ace

Оfficial "sharks" website is here once again to tell you which teams our League roster is facing in tour 5 and 6 of LCL Regular season.


February 11, 17:00 CET – Vega Squadron – M19


Looking at the schedule, this match has definetely been a center of attention for many LoL fans out there. The forever first team against their main rival, sounds very tough, but with weeks going the situation got more tricky. After the first week M19 almost lost twice and got saved by Just Alpha's luck of experience and Smurf's pushing skills. Looks like the champions woke up. Then PvPStejos and his team crushed Vaevictis, but it was just an episode.

In a match against RoX everyone expected a stomp but the allmighty ones failed miserably. Two unnecessary deaths by Likkrit let RoX come back into the game with Kira playing probably the worst Orianna game in his career. Yes, Smurf was farming great but his team was feeding athe the same time with the help of his vis-a-vis.

Nevertheless, M19 showed how scary they may be when they play their own game. Vega, in their turn, should be more focused after a slap by Na'Vi, so we're looking forward an incredible game.


February 12, 18:00 CET – Vega Squadron – Vaevictis eSports


This match should be the final for week 3 of LCL, and there are options. For example, it may turn our that it'll be a match between teams with different stats, but none of the "sharks" fans would want that coming.

However, Vaevictis have already heard a lot of compliments lately. Commentators, analysts and even players noticed their progress. And don't forget that the team was created almost from scratch after Kreox leaving to Virtus.Pro. Now everyone's upset about their technical loss against Virtus.Pro as this match would have been insanely interesting.

There is only one question left standing - will the team find stability or such games as against Na'Vi and M19 will alternate?