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Guide to Starladder i-League Season 3 qualifier groupstage 23.02.2017 Author // Ace

This Thursday, February 23, Vega Squadron begins on Starladder i-League qualifier groupstage. "Sharks" are in the same group with Heroic, Fnatic Academy and Alternate Attax. 2 best teams from each group advance further to the play-offs against 8 invited teams.

Оfficial Vega Squadron website is telling you everything about our upcoming opponents.




Lately Vega hasn't been lucky in qualifiers. On IEM qualifiers "sharks" lost to the only major-level team in the qualifiers, in the first ECS ones "squadron" were fighting against several top-30 teams according to HLTV, now Vega are in the same group with the strongest team of this stage - Heroic (MODDII, valde, Snappi, niko, JUGi).

Heroic are the 3rd Danish team. They lost qualifiers for ELEAGUE Major just as Vega, but are still showing great performance. Moreover, they don't stop at that and are looking for new ways of getting stronger. For example, they made an important replacement in their roster - their veteran Friis was replaced for JUGi, a promising Danish sniper. He has already been playing against Fnatic Academy and finished as an MVP with his 44-27 score.


Fnatic Academy


Academy of the most popular CS:GO Team, Fnatic (PlesseN, karus, BååtenJayzwalkingz, Golden) is the only second roster that is playing on a solid level. Academy has been in top-30 of HLTV charts and only left it this week, just like Vega. Still, they are showing stable results since August 2016 and have already shown decent results.

Young Fnatic won 2016 China Top and ESEA Season 23: Main Division. Lately, however, their performance isn't that bright. Guys failed on DreamHack Leipzig, lost CEVO Season 11 - Europe Main and iGame Winter Invitational and lost all the open qualifiers they took part into.


Alternate Attax


Lately Alternate Attax (crisby, tiziaN, syrsoN, ecfN, oskarish) have nothing to be proud of or please their fans with. Team lost every single open qualifier they've been up to a couple steps before decisive matches. They have also been defeated by any serious opponent in all the side matches. However, they won one game against Fnatic Academy, which might be considered promising.