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Guide to the first Vega Squadron day on The Kiev Major qualifiers 10.03.2017 Author // Ace

This Friday, March 10, Vega Squadron begin on CIS qualifiers of the Kiev Major with four matches. So we collected the most important information about the upcoming matches for you, here.

As a reminder, on the qualifiers there will be 10 teams playing bo1 matches with each other with 4 advancing to play-offs to define the only winnter. By the way, the time mentioned is approximate as the games will begin one after another.


10:00 CET – Vega Squadron – Effect


Effect are the new organization on CIS scene as they have recently signed Rebels. In January 2017 this team managed to gather a company of players that have already been to different major tournaments like Sedoy and ArsZeeqq accompanied by 3 guys with average results so far - Shachlo, Afoninje and RodjER.

Team already prove to be strong on online tournaments and almost made a sensation on CIS qualifiers to DAC. They used bad Vega's shape to advance to the finals together with Virtus.Pro internet connection issues, then took a map from Empire and were leading in the 2nd one. Unfortunately, the miracle didn't happen and the favorite of the match turned the tide of the game taking the series. Since then the team haven't been looking strong and it's not yet clear if they are still able to show decent results.



14:00 CET – Vega Squadron – Empire


For the last years "Imperials" and "Sharks" have become serious rivals. Teams were fighting for different tournament invites with varying success. For example, on DAC qualifiers Empire were stronger, but then Vega Squadron got their revenge on WellPlay Invitational and won the bo3 series with a 2:0 score.

This rivalry might as well be interesting since fn, one of Vega ex-players is in Empire now. Rostislav and 4 "sharks" decided to part ways and one of the sides has a chance to prove their right now. Someone has to be left.


20:00 CET – Vega Squadron – Hive


Hive are here for a reason. If you look at Minor tournament like D2CL, this team destroyed Team Spirit in less than a half an hour and then took a map from FRIENDS. Even though the first open qualifiers didn't really work out for them, they took what's theirs in the second one.

What goes to the players - Daxak, Pikachu, orb1t, Fervian, Sm1ley - only 2 of them are famous. Pikachu is Iceberg's younger brother. Fervian has been in the good old Yellow Submarine back in the days and even had try-outs in Empire, but something went wrong there.


21:00 CET – Vega Squadron – Comanche


The times when Comanche were just a team to "almost beat Secret" are long gone. Now they're standing strong on CIS scene, getting direct invites to some tournament qualifiers and are not looking like a piece of cake at all.

On DAC qualifiers guys took over FRIENDS with confidence, gave Vega a fair fight and even scored one map in bo3 series.

However, just like Effect, they haven't been shining bright lately. But their chances are still there since the matches are bo1's - in such situation they are able of beating any opponent in CIS.