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Gains of Vega.Dota 2! 18.03.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

As you all well know, RUHalen "sQreen" Al-Habbash has been playing as a standin in most of our games lately. Today RUsQreen becomes not only the full-right member of our team, but also a captain of it! We're glad to greet him in our team and hope that he'll lead us to numerous victories in the closest future! With that new addition to our team, we are even more determined to work on making perfect squad for future, and we are still working on it. For sure, RUsQreen will be part of that.

Current roster of Vega.Dota2:

RUHaled "sQreen" Al-Habbash - Team Captain
UASemen "CeMaTheSlayer" Krivulya
RUPaul "9pashaebashu" Khvastunov
UAVladimir "No[o]ne" Minenko
RUArsenii "Arszeeqq" Usov

Vanja "HighArT" Šimunec - General Manager :

"With sQreen moving in instead TpoH, we hope we will provide our squad with little more stability for future. We had little problems with our lineup and performance lately, but we are working hard to fix that and make harmony in team that will bring us victories. Surely, we hope sQreen is good addition to our squad, and will show that in future. Welcome!"