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Fraer joins Vega! 11.02.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

After almost 2 years since he stopped playing Starcraft 2, he is back. We are happy to announce, signing of ex Russian FederationRoX.KiS player, 22 year old protoss player Russian FederationIgor "fraer" Turchin. He is back to Starcraft 2, and we are gladly to provide him with all support that we can to get him back to his top shape, when he did won 3rd place in 2012 DreamHack Open: Summer and many Zotac cups and monthly finals.

Except in DH:Moscow, Russian Federationfraer will represent us in online tournaments, aswell in team leagues that we will play such as CCL and SC2ITL.

He will be joining our Starcraft 2 professional team, and he is preparing for upcoming Dreamhack: Moscow next week, where he will be representing colours of Vega Squadron.

Russian FederationIgor "fraer" Turchin:

"Im happy that i've joined Vega after my 2 year brake, and i'm happy to represent them at Dreahmack:Moscow. I think everything goes good including my preparations for returning to pro SC2 scene, aswell preparations for DH:Moscow. I didn't play SC2 for 2 years, but im back now, and i feel like i have so much to learn about current state of SC2! Thanks to my new team, sponsors and fans! See you in Moscow!"

CroatiaVanja "HighArT" Šimunec - general manager:

"We are extremely happy that we have chance to work with such good player as Igor is, and provide him with all support that can bring him again to the top of the EU scene once again. He is traveling to DH:Moscow next week, and lets hope we can prepare him good for this tournament, and that this could be beggining of his 2nd part of SC2 professional career! Welcome Igor!"

Vega.SC2 Professional Roster:

Russian Federationhttp://vega-squadron.com/images/news-pics/20_1408901304.pngLiveZerg
Russian Federationhttp://vega-squadron.com/images/news-pics/20_1408901612.pngfraer
Russian Federationhttp://vega-squadron.com/images/news-pics/20_1408901612.pngDMC