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Fourth LCL week begins with 1-1 for Vega 22.07.2017 Author // sirVatum

During the first day of LCL Week 4 Vega faced Vaevictis Esports and Virtus.Pro.

Vega – Vaevictis

Vega: Gnar (NoNholy), Zac (Zanzarah), Corki (Nomanz), Kalista (Optimas), Trundle (delord)
Virtus Pro: jax (Solece), sejuani (Cboi), Orianna (Ekka), Tristana (Unho1y), Braum (Grisen)

Vega got their hands on Zac and went for 3 tank setup. Opponents repoied with lategame teamfight setup with Orianna. Vaevictis made use of swap-back and took their first tower, "squadron" replied with an immediate kill on midlane. Next decision was to let Vaevictis take Ocean Drake and take Harold instead, putting more pressure around the map

The game ended after an incredible combo on botlane right after lane phase. Vega got 4 kills and got themselves the tempo needed, made use of the advantage, took Nashor and then 2 lanes shortly after. With this advantage "sharks" had no options of losing.

Vega – Virtus Pro

Vega: Rumble (NoNholy), Gragas (Zanzarah), Orianna (Nomanz, Kalista (Optimas), Rakan (delord)
Virtus Pro: Gnar (Doxy), Rek’Sai (Kreox), Sindra (Paranoia), Ashe (P1noy), Braum (SaNTaS)

From the very start Rek'Sai concentrated on bottom lane ganks, so Kalista was out of the game completely. With this advantage enemy botlane made Vega swap lanes and lose objectives.
"Sharks" got caught deep into enemy jungle and increased the gap even more. And even though Orianna won mid, there were not many options to reply on enemy agression. "Squadron" lost top towers and after that all the fights were going under Virtus.Pro total control. "Bears" took Nashor safely and finished the game in their favor.