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Fng and Iceberg leave Vega Squadron's main roster 13.11.2016 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron Dota 2 is being changed. Artyom "Fng" Barshak and Bogdan "Iceberg" Vasylenko are leaving the team.


CEO Vega Squadron, Alexey Kondakov:

- I would like to thank guys for playing in our team. I should make a note: I have nothing bad to say about their discipline and progress, they just were not able to become one team with Rostislav, Andrey and Semion.


Vega Squadron, Georgy «drAmer» Faleev:

- The results of our team cannot be called satisfying at all: good matches were followed by big failures and this lack of stability is the stumbling block for us.

At summer we decided to make a new roster that would not be a "stack" of 5 players, but a team with great understanding of each other and complete trust in their teammates. And it did not happen, unfortunately. This time we tried to consider all the opinions we have inside the team both on Dota and on atmosphere outside the game.

Can't say that Artyom and Bogdan were the worst. Actually, everyone deserves equal amount of criticism here, but a team can only fit 5 players, and changes are necessary.

I wish them best and hope that our roads will cross again someday. Both players are professionals and their approach satisfied our team. The new roster is completed and once the contracts are signed, you'll hear the names of our newcomers.

Hopefully it'll be done in a couple days.