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For the first time in the history Vega is not in LCL play-offs 06.08.2017 Author // sirVatum

In tie breakers Vega Squadron faced Vaevictis eSports and Team Just Alpha


Vega – Vaevictis


Vega: Galio (NoNholy), Jarvan (Zanzarah), Orianna (Drobovik123), Tristana (Optimas), Thresh (delord)

Vaevictis: Urgot (Solece), Maokai (Cboi), Syndra (Ekka), Caitlyn (Unho1y), Blitzcrank (Grisen)

Vaevictis decided to surprise the opponent and picked Urgot. Vega replied with active gameplay and first blood on bottom lane. Zanzarah made great movements around the map and punished the opponent for even smallest misplays. Vaevictis tried to fight back, even took the first dragon and played "team 5", but "sharks" advantage only grew.

Clean gameplay and macro-strategies helped "squadron" make good use of the gold gap. Vega were playing extremely careful, took only 100% fights and finished the game.


Vega – Team Just Alpha


Vega: Gnar (NoNholy), Jarvan (Zanzarah), Orianna (Nomanz), Xayah (Optimas), Braum (delord)

Just Alpha: Camille (BOSS), Gragas (SadJesteRRR), Ahri (Marker), Sivir (Pooh), rakan (Jestkui Max)

Team started playing carefully and preferred farm to the agressive movements. First moment was on toplane where SadJesteRRR helped his toplaner get first blood. "Sharks", however, showed their potential in teamfights and 2 Mountain Drakes let them destroy objectives quickly.

But "squadron" were unlucky. After the first fight on Baron Vega lost 4 heroes even though the buff was taken. The advantage got smaller, "squadron" was still looking for fight options, but when they found it, it was a disaster. Team Just Alpha survived the initiation and turned the fight, killing all the champions. Nexus fell before anyone on "sharks" side respawned.

With 1-1 score "squadron" only had to wait for the Vaevictis eSports - Team Just Alpha game results. In case of Vaevictis victory tie-breakers would have gone for the second round, but Team Just have been stronger. So, they're the ones to go to LCL play-offs.