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For the first time in the history of LCL Vega is defeated twice in a week 05.03.2017 Author // Ace

After a bad match in the 9th tour of LCL Vega Squadron faced their rivals, M19, in the 10th one. The game was worth 2 points. If "sharks" won they would be back in the leaders' list. In case Vega's defeat they would be at the same level with champions of the CIS.


Vega: Maokai (NoNholy), Rengar (Zanzarah), Karthus (Drobovik123), Miss Fortune (LeX), Karma (EDward)
M19: Gragas (Smurf), Graves (PvPStejos), Anivia (Kira), Varus (Vincent), Braum (Likkrit)

Vega wanted to surprise with Karthus but M19 surprised even more with early agression in jungle. Zanzarah tried to reply with level 1 dive but got caught by 3 opponents. Drobovik123 also paid the price for that by feeding to Graves. At this point the game was basically over. Agressive Rengar pick was our of the game thanks to Graves and all the other lanes were far behind without his support.

M19 were able to move to any lane. For example, Drobovik123 died in a second after Graves death. The only salvation for "sharks" were teamfights. Once they caught the opponents 4v2 but it was the only bright light in the game.

Next teamfight and "squadron" are not able to kill anyone. More than 10k gold advantage on M19 side, inhibitor lost at minute 22. On 26 midlane one was destroyed as well. But it doesn't really matter as the game was over at minute 30.

M19 are now at the same level with Vega Squadron in the brackets.