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FIFA 18 Global Series Playoffs. Report 31.05.2018 Author // Konservator

Mikhail «Torres» Zaporozhets will spend his first days of June in Amsterdam fighting for invites to the FIFA eWorld Cup.

He already told us about his preparations and opponents, this report contains all the information about schedule and results.

Who will take part in Global Series Playoffs?

128 players from all around the globe using XBOX and PlayStataion 4. They've been granted their invites for the achievements on regional tournaments and international majors. Torres visited one of those in Barselona, it was the FUT Champions Cup, but got his invite after winning the Russia Cup with PlayStation 4.

What's the format of the tournament?


  • Swiss system, bo2
  • Each player will play 7 series
  • You can't face one opponents twice.
  • 32 players with 4 victories will advance to play-offs. Same amount of defeats will take players off the tournament.


  • Single Elimination, bo2
  • The toss-up is decided by the results in the previous stage
  • 16 winners Ro32 will be given an invite to the World Championships
  • PS4 bracket champion will play against the XBOX Champion — Michael «Megabit98» Bittner
Friday, June 1st
Round 1 14:00 CEST [4:3] HoneyBadger
Round 2 15:15 CEST [2:5] JraLion
Round 3 16:30 CEST [2:5] Joksan
Round 4 17:45 CEST [1:3] ANDY
Round 5 19:00 CEST [4:3] Coco-V-Bastos
Saturday, June 2nd
Round 6 12:00 CEST [5:7] Ibumski

Where do I watch?

The official stream is available in English on YouTube and Twitch

What's at stake?

Electronic Arts sponsored $250,000 prize pool for each console tournament with $35,000 being given to the champion. 16 leaders will be invited to FIFA eWorld Cup that is scheduled for August 2-4 in London!

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