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Fierce: «The Major shouldn't feature "comfortable" opponents» 31.07.2018 Author // Konservator

Since our CS:GO team didn't have many matches lately, we decided to talk with it's coach - Arteom "Fierce" Ivanov. Vega Squadron explained the life cycle of the CS:GO refreshed roster and also shared his methods of getting the team ready for FACEIT Major.

— The new roster has been playing together for almost 3 months. What are your impressions of the team?

There isn't much to share. I've known tonyblack for a while, played with him in numerous rosters, so we knew what to expect. The only thing we were concerned of was his lack of team practice before joining our team. But he's doing a good job and improves all the time, putting enough effort into the working process.

I can't even remember who put crush in our check-list, but it doesn't even matter. He really fit the team well, got along with it's members and is contributing to the practice process all the time.

— Is the working process different from the one used with mir and keshandr?

When we have been making the team, we wanted to arrange a machine with each part of it working together in harmony. It's really hard to achieve in practice. Players try and feel teammates the same way, so the roster is finding it's playstyle together. If you want me to highlight some key features of the current practice process, I'd highlight focus on interaction and constant feedback between players.

— After the roster update jR left the captain position. Who did you try for this role?

We had to make the replacements - it didn't really matter who we pick, the atmosphere in the team really wasn't the best. At this point the team didn't see any options to improve as a five.

From the other side, jR wanted to improve as a sniper without being a captain at the same time. This is when we decided to play with me on IGL. It didn't last for long - my performance was underwhelming due to the lack of competitive scene expecience. Besides, I didn't meet chopper's expectations as a captain, so he couldn't play to his limits.

— So, why did you make jR captain again?

The team didn't like how the "free" sniper behaves on the map. At this point jR's will to control the process came back, so we just promoted him again and searched for the fifth player.

— Why doesn't the team take part in the important qualifiers?

We took part in many qualifiers (GG.BET Majestic, DH Stockholm, ESL One NY) and online-leagues (Gamdom Premier League, M.League, ESEA Advanced). In August we'll instead focus more on our granades, rounds and schemes - this is a usual practice for many professional teams inbefore serious tournaments.

— After ELEAGUE Premier many CS:GO teams are having a three-week vacation. What will you spend time on during the time?

We decided to take a two-week break as well to tryhard later. One part of the team went for a journey, the other part is spending time with the family.

— You had some schemes inbefore Boston Major, but they ended by groupstage. What should a team do in order to avoid that?

As I already said, it's not about some magical schemes, it's mostly about teams underestimating us. When it came to a slot in Legends, noone could affort slacking. This is when the real war began - and the one with bigger experience wins most of the time.

— jR metioned numerous times that some good matches are lost due to weak T-side. How do you solve this issue?

We changes some player positions in order to maximize their strong sides and habits. We try and pick detailed plans for the particular rounds. It went from "let's go default, we'll see how it goes" to "guys, do this and that, the task is to do this and that". We also make accents on communication and constant coordination between players.

— Name 5 rosters that you scrim with the most. How many hours a week do players play solo and as a team? How long do you usually discuss tactics?

Can't say we scrim with some teams constantly, but we often play with mouz, Chaos, VP, NiP and Space Soldiers.

We play 6-7 maps a day, 5 days a week. Players usually warm up in DM or with bots, some of them play FPL afterwards. We add discussion if the it's required - we may spend an hour or two before practice matches, an hour after or between the games.

We also started uploading some YouTube videos with strategy discussion from other professional teams, we also watch how they work on their mistakes. We usually do that in the free time and discuss in TeamSpeak.

— When is the next bootcamp? What is the practice plan?

We don't have certain dates yet, but we will probably visit the base 10 days before going to London. We'll dive deeply into the game and increase the amount of time that we devote to CS: more DM's, bots, demos, discussions, practice matches and ideas.

— What are the least comfortable opponents on New Challengers stage?

Swiss bo1 is enough to give you an idea - anyone can surprise the opponnent. We should do our best in every match, play 100% serious. Major shouldn't feature "comfortable" opponents.

— Will you leave a couple promises to the fans that the team will try and keep?

I don't like making promises to myself or anyone else. Our devoted fans may be confident that we'll do our utmost best in order to display the best results! Thanks for your support.

Vega Squadron will begin their matches on FACEIT Major from "New Challenger" stage that is scheduled for September 5-9th. Folllow the updates and ask your question in our social media: