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Fear and stomp: Vega are in CIS Minor play-offs 08.06.2017 Author // Ace

CS:GO CIS Minor began this Thursday in Gamer Stadium, Moscow. 8 team started their fight for $50,000 prize pool and, which is more important, 2 invites to PGL Major Krakow online qualifiers.

Vega were in the same group with TS. Academy, Nemiga and Tengri. Tengri were the first "sharks" opponents in bo1 match of upper brackets. Moreover, "squadron" fans could be worried as Vega let Khazakhstan team take Mirage that they know how to play on pretty good.

Round by round Tengri were predicting Vega's moves, so "sharks" were happy to take those 4 rounds as T side. As attack "sharks" took the pistol round with quite some effort and displayed some crazy defense skills. With 11:11 score Vega's "wall" gave a crack and Tengri made use of it. At some point "sharks" were one step away from losing, but then chopper scored a triple-kill on A and inspired his team to win this game - 16:14.

With such an inspiring victory Vega were coming to finals in a great mood. Moreover, TS.Academy left Nuke unchecked that "sharks" used to beat strong opponents like Heroic on. In defense Vega didn't meet almost any resistance and only gave opponent 2 rounds. The same amount of rounds was won by "young dragons" on CT side as well.

Vega scored a stomping victory and secured themselves a semifinal slot in play-offs without any additional games.