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ESL One New York Day One: Vega Squadron 2-0 Evil Geniuses! 04.10.2015 Author // theDabca

RUVega Squadron defeat the World Champions USEvil Geniuses! A 2-0 victory puts us into the Semi-Finals and perhaps an invite to the Fall Major?

After watching EUTeam Secret 2-1 GBFnatic, CNCDEC 2-0 USArchon, CNInvictus Gaming 2-1 RUVirtus.pro, everyone was tired and edgy. Our team was in the practice room before 1pm EST, after some interviews for ESL and NVidia, and stayed there until after 8pm playing ranked matches, chess, and watching the other contenders.

Finally we had our chance to take the Number 1 seed head-on and see what we are made of, and it was just glorious.

Mag’s Broodmother shined in both games, in situations where PPD drafted specifically against it. Pasha and no[o]ne were glorious in the core roles on Ember, Shadow Fiend, Gyrocopter, and Queen of Pain. Cema-god stole both Winter’s Curse and Eclipse twice on Rubick, almost single-handedly winning the first game for RUVega Squadron. The failed gank 10 minutes in seemed to signal the outcome of the first game, and diving Tier 4 Tower’s heralded the victory. No[o]ne and Cema’s Sonic Wave and Echo Slam against a four core line-up sealed the deal in the second game.

It seems as though SumaiL should not leave the mid-lane, and Fear needs some more practice in the 4th position. Universe was beyond godlike in the first game on Sand King, but just couldn’t do enough on Bat Rider when his team didn’t do any damage. Arteezy’s legendary Naga Siren just couldn’t come online fast enough, and PPD drafted himself into a hole.

Overall a great first day to ESL One New York 2015, although it is sad to see half the teams go. Watch tomorrow as RUVega Squadron takes on CNiG in the Semi-Finals on twitch.tv/esl_dota2.