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Edward: «We relaxed and “rebooted” during IEM Katowice» 03.03.2017 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron LoL roster captain and support Edward "EDward" Abgaryan shared his ideas about the first 4 weeks of the LCL regular season in his interview to cybersport.ru.


— How did you take the leadership?

— One of the main factors is that we've began our traning a lot earlier. We had an intensive midseason, we were playing in Paris, Korea. Individually, all of us were in good shape, now we're working at teamwork hard. By the end end of the season we will see which team of the three will be the best. I don't think all of them will be in play-offs. More likely that one will drop out.


— What loss was the most painful?

— Both of them were. We lost them at drafting phase. We put ourselves in trouble and it was tough to win after even a small mistake - and we made quite some.


— What was the hardest victory to achieve? 

— A game against RoX. The game was long, lost of pauses and were stuck at the scene for 2.5 hours. Physically and mentally this victory was the most difficult to get.


— Why the main favorites — M19 и Gambit — are not playing the way everyone expected them to?

— I never heard Gambit were favorites. Everyone thought that Gambit would be an easy deal in play-offs or will end up 6-7. They have communication problems, the players aren't the best. So I don't think someone really considered them at the top. M19 are hard to judge, I don't really know what's happening inside the team. After great results, for example getting to the WCS and finishing 7-8, teams usually slow down and play worse. They're doing the same things but it just doens't work out anymore. Moreover, LCL teams are all in better shape now, playing much better. The lowest standard now is much higher and M19 started throwing some games that they weren't before.


— Who is shotcalling during the game?

— Usually it's me, but I'm not making all the decisions. We have responsibilities for each player - for example, our toplaner takes care about teleports, dives, roams. I'm making global decisions - rotations and such. Everyone takes care of himself - I can't control all the team - it's impossible and incorrect.


— You've been on bootcamp for quite a while. Is it hard to be away for so long? 

— We're a friendly team and get along great. But if we spend more than 2 months in one house, we get tired of each other. So sometimes guys leave the teamhouse to relax just a bit. We delay our trainings and after "reboot" get back to business. We had such a break during Katowice. So, until the end of the season we'll be here. Everyone gets tired, even me with my experience of living in teamhouses.


— What are pros and cons of playing in the studio?

— I think that LCL played in offline is a plus for everyone. The only drawback - not everyone lives close to the studio. You have to get there on their cars or taxi. You get tired on your way. For example, M19 have to ride for 2 hours, we travel for an hour or two depending on traffic.


— Who would you prefer to meet in semifinals? 

— I was thinking about it for a bit, but haven't decided yet. If we finish first - I'd go with M19 or Vaevictis. The latter is just a mix, it's their so-called "honeymoon" on LCL - they began just great but noone knows if they can keep going like this. Virtus.Pro didn't have quite a good start, but they're getting there. By play-offs they might be better than Vaevictis. If I am to choose from Virtus.Pro and Vaevictis, I'd choose Vaevictis. If the choice is between M19 and Virtus.Pro, then I'd go with M19, for now. It's hard to predict what we'll see next month. Everything can change.

The complete interview may be found here (ru).