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Edward replaces WildHeart in Vega Squadron LoL roster 07.05.2016 Author // Ace

There are some changes in League of Legends roster of "sharks". Edward "Edward" Abgaryan will be replacing Roman "WildHeart" Maximchyuk that used to play as a support on this LCL split. Edward used to play in such legendary teams as Moscow Five and Gambit Gaming. Among his achievements you can see victories on the tournaments like IEM, ESL Major Series and so on. He also spend his spring split in Roccat team that took part in LCS Europe.



That's how Vega.LoL coach Alexey "Sharkz" Taranda commented on such a change:

- Unfortunately we had to part or ways with Wildheart. Roman spent a whole split with us and his impact on our place is huge, and we're thankful for that. We're hoping that he'll find a team that deserves him and will continue his professional player career. We replaced him with Edward who is famous to CIS LoL community. We're sure that his leadership mixed with huge experience will bring us to new heights!


That's what Edward had to say about it.:

- Hello to Vega and my own fans. I know that most of you would be happy to see me playing on LCS, but it's impossible due to visa problems. America didn't really work for me because I didn't recieve an invite by LCS and I'm not really ready to play Challenger series. Right now my aim is to reach world finals.

So, I decided to play in Wildcard region now (much better than playing and streaming). I had a couple offers from Brazil, Turkey and Russia.

What goes to salaries, CIS region was the least attractive, but I wanted to play in a russian-speaking team, and Vega gave me an opportunity! I've known a couple guys from this team for quite a while and I used to play with some of them back in 2010-2011. And I'm ready to do my best for us to look as a good team.

That's it, guys. I hope you respect my opinion and will support me and my team!